French Euro Mortgages – Knowing the French Mortgage Process


Once you are ready to take the French property dream a stage further and so are planning viewing journeys to get the right property.

Listed here are a couple of important aspects for knowing the French mortgage process:

Financing purchasing an off plan property

French banks give a customized mortgage service directed at individual eco-friendly. They have full understanding in the off plan purchasing procedure as well as the stage payments schedule.

Mortgage quotes and guidance

British speaking advisors will highlight through all the different loans available to provide total security and flexibility.

Signing a home reservation contract prone to raising financing

French law offers full protection to clients who’re raising financing to purchase purchasing their off plan property. A separate section inside the reservation contract requires completion and signing, stating the amount given and confirming time scale within the application ought to be processed as well as the offer signed. This which confirms the reservation in the French property prone to raising a mortgage is actually a “Clause suspensive de pret” and enables the client to withdraw also to get his full deposit back when the application fail.

French Euro mortgage interest levels

Interest levels in France continue being beneath the Uk base rate and so are an attractive option. The most borrowing (LTV) French bank will give you is 80% and loan duration is different from 12 a long time to three decades.

You will notice some variation inside the rates French banks presently offer. Listed below are provided only just like a guideline: (*as at May 08, excluding insurance)

12 years

Set rate-

4.40% – 4.55%

Variable rate*

4.40% – 4.55%

15 years

Set rate-

4.50% – 4.65%

Variable rate*

4.45% – 4.60%

two decades

Set rate-

4.55% – 4.70%

Variable rate*

4.55% – 4.65%

25 years or so

Set rate-

4.70% – 4.85%

Variable rate*

4.65% – 4.85%

thirty years

Set rate-

5.00% – 5.15%

Variable rate*

4.95% – 5.05%


Whether or not you raise a mortgage inside the Uk or possibly in France, do be sure that you possess a contract in principle staying with you before visiting France to visit your best locations.

Mortgage applications might take a few days and, as described earlier, French property reservation contracts have strict deadlines regarding mortgages. Usually, time period limit to get a mortgage and obtain an offers are four days within the date of completing the reservation contract. Once the bank has all the needed information in advance it may confirm whether a mortgage might be granted. Therefore will help you establish your maximum budget with confidence reserve a home when the most appropriate one is situated knowning that finances might be elevated.

Your mortgage offer will then be finalized and signed inside the timeframe limit provided inside the contract.