Cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin 101


Cryptocurrency is an electronic peer-to-peer currency. They don’t exist physically. You can’t simply pull a bitcoin out of your wallet or hold it in your hand. However, it’s noticeable that the prizes of virtual currencies are rapidly rising over the past couple of months, making it evident that bitcoins are valuable even though you can’t physically hold it. Can private key be hacked?

A question may come up in your mind about the number of currencies. The number keeps changing. According to the survey of, there are 1375 different virtual coins that investors could buy.

A note- Barrier to entry in cryptocurrencies are lower. It means that if you have money, time, and a group of individuals who understand how to write down computer code, you have an opportunity in your hand to possess your Cryptocurrency. It likely means the latest cryptocurrencies will enter the space continuously over time.

The idea of an electronic peer-to-peer currency came decades ago, but it became genuinely fruitful until 2008 when bitcoin was devised. The basic idea behind bitcoin’s creation was to fix several recognized laws with which money is transferred from one part to another.

An example of a flaw is that- Imagine how long a bank can take to settle a cross – border payment? Or how financial institutions are receiving the rewards of fees, by acting as a third – party middleman throughout the transactions. Cryptocurrencies usually workaround the traditional financial system by using blockchain technology.

The first-ever created Cryptocurrency was Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto created it in 2009. You may wonder how does a bitcoin work? As a beginner, you can start using Tukar bitcoin Indonesia without understanding the exact details. After installing, bitcoin wallet on your phone or computer, it will generate your very first Bitcoin address, and whenever you need more, you can create one. You can reveal your Tukar Bitcoin Indonesia address to your family or friends so that you can pay them or vice versa. It’s pretty similar to how email works, but bitcoin addresses can be used only once.

As mentioned before, Cryptocurrency uses Blockchain, which is a shared public ledger on which the entire network of tukar bitcoin Indonesia relies. The Blockchain includes all confirmed transactions.

It helps bitcoin wallets to calculate their disposable balance so that the latest transactions can be verified, which ensures that the spender owns them. The tukar bitcoin Indonesia wallet keeps a secret component of data known as a private key or seed. It helps to sign transactions, providing mathematical evidence that they belong to the owner of the wallet.

The signature can also prevent a transaction from being altered by anybody, once the transaction has been issued. All the transactions get confirmed within ten to twenty minutes, through Mining (A system used to confirm pending transactions by counting them in the Blockchain).

It imposes a sequential order in the Blockchain, safeguards the neutrality of the network, and helps the computers to agree on the system’s current state. Mining also prevents an individual from adding new blocks to the Blockchain. In this way, not any group or individual can control what is incorporated in the Blockchain.