Check For Eligibility Before Applying For Education Loan


The most important step for applying the education loan for checking if you are eligible for the loan or not. All the students who want to study abroad are eligible for the education loan. It is very important for you to know the education loan eligibility.

The eligibility criteria which can be followed by all lenders are:-

  • The students should be the citizen of India.
  • They should also have a strong academic record.
  • The students who want admission in technical or professional courses. The lenders must always prefer the loans for the STEM courses.
  • The student should also be above the age of eighteen years.
  • The student should have applied or secured for admission at a foreign university.

A lot of lenders do not look for your work experience, credit score, or economic background for sanctioning the loan. If you have a very good academic record and hunger to excel, then you can need financial support which is provided by a lot of financial institutions. If you are an Indian student above the age of 18 years and whether you have not applied or applied for the university, you are eligible for the loan. The application process of the education loan is very simple and you can get the education loan within 3 days.

Those students who have the dream of studying in the US must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:-

  • You should be above 18 years.
  • One should be a citizen of India.
  • For sharing the loan repayment, there should be an Indian co-signer.
  • You should have applied at the master’s level or accepted at the university.
  • Even if the application of the student is pending, then also you are eligible for applying for the education loan. The loan will be sanctioned only when the application will be accepted.

The approval of the loan is very fast so there will not be an issue if you want to get an instant loan for students The customer experience is also very good as the application process is not slow at all. There is a large number of courses supported by the financial institutions so you can choose any type of course. The universities supported are also very large in number so you can get the education loan to study abroad. The loan model is designed in such a way so that the Indian students can pursue all the international courses.

You can chase your dreams by fulfilling all the financial needs. You are eligible for the loans even if you want to get the loan without collateral. The loan amount will cover the living and studies as well. This is very beneficial for all the students and they can fulfill all their dreams of studying in a foreign country. The process of the application is very simple and just within 10 minutes, you can complete it. No documents are needed for this so it is considered very easy by the borrowers. Get the education loan just by filling the form online.