Forget Everything You’ve Ever Known About Joslin Rhodes UK


Joslin Rhodes UK is the fastest-growing pension provider in the United Kingdom, offering advice on various financial topics, including property, investments, pensions, and retirement planning. With offices throughout major cities such as London and Birmingham, Joslin Rhodes UK provides their customers with all the knowledge necessary to achieve their desired financial goals — whether that’s a comfortable retirement or buying material possessions or homes they can be proud of.

How does Joslin Rhodes UK works?

There are several ways in which people that are facing retirement can approach the Joslin Rhodes UK investment program:

  1. The 0% Commission Guarantee, where customers pay a fixed fee for the service and no commission is charged. This is recommended for people who want to keep costs down and only invest with one provider.
  1. Joslin Rhodes UK also offers the 0% Commission Commission-Free Investment Plan, where Joslin Rhodes UK will charge a fee on the total amount invested but will not charge commission on funds moved or exchanged during the investment period.
  1. Joslin Rhodes UK has a standard stockbroker commission, where clients are charged a small percentage on the value of commissionable transactions.

Joslin Rhodes UK also provides a range of financial advisers such as:

  • Non-executive directors for independent advice on financial issues such as pension plans and capital planning.
  • Proficiency requirements for those that offer financial advice to pension members or employers at the firm’s discretion.
  • Investment Consultants for those already advised by a Joslin Rhodes UK financial adviser.
  • Cover Brokers for those who are in charge of the administration and management of pension plans and insurance arrangements
  • Investment Advisers for those who wish to explore the possibility of taking out an individual or group personal pension.
  • Financial Consultants for those who want their finances reviewed by a financial consultant, including retirement planning and investment management.

Joslin Rhodes UK provides advice on a range of pensions and retirement planning services, including:

  1. Pensions Review Services, where members of occupational pension schemes have their existing arrangements independently reviewed to ensure they are appropriate for them — helping clients make better-informed decisions about their retirement plans. This service is available to clients that have been advised by an investment adviser or qualified investment adviser from Joslin Rhodes UK.
  1. Personal Independence Payment is a benefit available to disabled people between the age of 16-64. Individuals will have their capability assessed by one of Joslin Rhodes UK’s consultants, and it is then determined whether they are eligible for Personal Independence Payment.
  1. Pension Tax Planning, where Joslin Rhodes UK’s consultants will be able to draw up a plan that minimizes tax liabilities for all pension schemes, helping clients straightforwardly reach their financial goals.
  1. Financial Planning, where Joslin Rhodes UK employees provide advice on investments, pensions, and savings and undertake analysis that can help customers make better-informed decisions about their finances — ensuring the right investment decisions are made at the right time.
  1. Inheritance Tax Planning will allow customers to be taken through a range of inheritance tax planning sessions that can help them save money and plan for the future in a tax-efficient manner.
  1. Pension Schemes, Joslin Rhodes UK employs consultants who can conduct pension reviews to help clients understand how much they may need and identify the most suitable options.