Best Receipt Capture Apps


Whether for economic, organizational or personal financial reasons, maintaining actual receipts is a bit of a problem and a mission. Yet happily, you can now register receipts using your smartphone with image recognition and financial applications progresses.

1.      Expensify

Due to its financial report and expense reporting features, Expensify is one of the most common obtain control apps. You can collect receipts via the app, import your credit card and report miles. Such reports can be sent via the app simply by entering the email address of the receiver.

One disadvantage of the app is how long it takes to extract information from pictures. These scans may take some time, which in the first place undermines the convenience of scanning the text.

Its professional appearance and its ability to track expenses for particular excursions are elements that work for the device.

2.      Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is part of the larger suite of Zoho software and apps, but it has built in the management of receipt and text recognition. This helps to manage receipts and allows you to track costs such as kilometres.

The free plan provides you with 100 free scans a month, a big benefit compared to many other receipt applications that limit OCR scans. Its scan is also correct and quick, generating usually the correct information in less than a minute from a receipt. While it’s quite finished to produce a text, the obtaining scanner program is efficient and effective as a whole.

3.      Evernote

Evernote is an app that takes notes typically, but it is also a valuable receipt storage software because it can recognize pictures of text. This is particularly true if you want reported payments, but do not require expense reports to be produced.

4.      Google Lens/Google Photos

There are two ways to organize your receipts with Google Lens, either via its Google Assistant integration or Google Photos application. Alternatively, you can access an app on Android on your own, but it’s now more convenient through other Apps.

You can use the Display me my receipts command to produce the list of your most current receptions when used with Assistant. The function is quite simplistic in Android Oreo. But Android Pie can better recognize these receipts and sort them.

5.      Smart Receipts

Smart Receipts is another receipt tracking software which has the ability to report and display. It also has a number of customizable options that enable you arrange receipts depending on your desires.

Nonetheless, it’s a useful feature to construct graphs and studies. The auto-generation of graphs is particularly useful, and allows you to keep up to date on the latest expenses. The app’s premium version is also available for upgrading by buying in-app, which is lower than buying Smart Receipts Plus separately from the Play Store.

6.      Receipts by Wave for Business

As the description of the software states, Wave receipts is mostly a monitoring device for business costs. Its website synchronization and ability to scan several receipts at once makes it a sturdy tool for those who want to scan and track receipts. The app also allows you to find receipts in your phone gallery.