Tips for Moving Heavy Equipment, Business


No matter how strong you are, moving heavy equipment, especially if it is also large, can be a difficult task. Below are some easy-to-use items that can help to make moving just about any type of machinery or equipment a little less complicated.

Add Caster Wheels

Sometimes the easiest way to move something around is to add wheels to the bottom of it. Castor wheels can be screwed into many types of equipment, including adding wheels for carts, hospital beds, medical equipment, and construction equipment. While new castor wheels are often used to replace broken wheels, they can also be added to equipment that never had wheels. However, the bottom of the equipment (like the feet of a hospital bed), would need to be modified to fit the wheel on.

Use a Ramp and Dolly 

Using a dolly is a great way to move around most smaller, but still heavy, pieces of equipment. However, it can be difficult to get items onto a dolly sometimes. That’s where using a ramp comes in. Curb ramps, which come in all lengths and elevations, can help to slide an item from the ground and onto a dolly (and vice versa). These ramps can be especially helpful when you need to move items onto/out of vehicles as well.

Apply Bungee Cords

Even if you are using a dolly or moving something with wheels, loose parts could fall off (or the whole piece of equipment if you are using a dolly). Using bungee cords with hooks can help to prevent any accidents like this. These can be used to tie down just about anything, of any size and weight. However, make sure that you are buying the right size. If you are using a bungee cord that is too small, it could snap or have difficulty attaching in the first place. If you use a bungee cord that is too large, it could be a little loose. When in doubt, by a size larger than needed, as it takes a lot of open room for a cord to seem loose. Also, make sure the item is attached to something stable. If something is held down with the best bungee cord, it can still fall if it is on a weak dolly.

Moving heavy items is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. When you add wheels, use a dolly with a ramp, and use bungee cords, you can move items a little more safely and securely.