Tax Return Cases: You Need the best Deals Now


For taxpayers and pensioners, the tax filing deadlines are in April. The tax administration compiled tips to make it easy to review and complete a pre-filled tax return.

Act on time

Check your own due date on the pre-filled tax return you received at home and act in time before the due date. The fastest and easiest way is to check and complete your tax return.

Get the information you need. Note that the 2020 tax return is now being revised and supplemented.

Before you begin reviewing and completing your pre-filled tax return, please provide the necessary information such as payslips, any invoices that qualify for a household deduction, and information about rental income and expenses. If you have travel expenses in excess of the deductible of EUR 750, calculate them for the whole year.

Check. If the information is correct in the notification, do nothing

Check your pre-filled tax return on the A4 printout you received at home. If the income and deduction information are correct, you do not need to do anything. The pre-filled tax return does not need to be acknowledged.

Lack of income? Complete them

The tax administration receives extensive information on the pre-filled tax return from third-party declarants such as employers and banks. Wage income should be reviewed with particular care if there are multiple employers and supplemented or corrected if necessary.

Not all information is available to the taxpayer, so the customer must provide it himself. The information to be self-reported is, for example, rental income.  Go for the estimate tax return options in the best ways now.

Remember deductions

Deductions must be reported by the customer. The most typical reductions are travel expenses and the household deduction.

Travel costs may be reduced if they exceed the deductible of EUR 750 during the year.

The household allowance is paid for maintenance and refurbishment work done at home or in a holiday home, for household work such as cleaning, gardening and computer installation, and for care and nursing work such as caring for children and the elderly. The deductible for the household deduction is EUR 100 and the maximum deduction per person is EUR 2,400 in 2019.

The tax administration automatically makes an income tax deduction of EUR 750 for all employees, which covers the costs of earning salary income. These include, for example, expenses for the study room, own tools and professional literature. If the costs exceed the € 750 limit, report deductions based on actual costs.

Do not attach receipts, but keep them

Do not attach receipts or statements to your tax return. However, receipts must be kept for six years. The tax administration will ask for more information if necessary.

Ask for advice

Through the Tax Administration’s Twitter and Facebook channels, we advise clients on general tax return issues.