How to Choose the Best Automated Trading Platform?


There are numerous automated trading platforms available in the market. Each of these platforms provides different services and have their subjective benefits and drawbacks. The trader should decide on a strategy before going for an automated trading platform. After deciding on a strategy, he should then venture into the world of automated trading platforms, know the specific services that each of them offers, and then choose whatever suits his strategy and convenience. But there are certain features that a trader should keep in mind before choosing the automated trading platform. These features are common to every automated trading platform and affect the trade.

  • Backtesting: Backtesting is a very effective method of checking how a particular algorithmic trading strategy would have worked if they were applied in the past. Historical data is used in order to check the strategy’s performance before it is applied to the real trading world. Thus, good backtesting software is pivotal to an automated trading system.
  • Expense: No one wants to spend all their money on automated trading platforms. So, it becomes important for the trader to search for a plan that suits his subjective requirements. The trader should also double-check for any hidden costs to make sure he is paying for what he wants.
  • Technical supports: All automated trading platforms are expected to be extremely efficient. Still, one should check if the platform has any history of outages and how fast they have resolved the issue if any. While machine trading, no one wants frequent software problems, especially if they have paid for it.

There are many other factors that one should check before choosing the best automated trading platform such as machinetrading that suits them. But these are the fundamental requirements for any trader no matter the strategy they adhere to. Their strategy might vary, but these requirements are basic.