With the continuous spread of the Corona Virus Disease 2019, there are many enterprises who halted their business operation in their establishments and took advantage of the advancement that the technology has given. Its purpose is for the safety of each employers and employee from being contaminated by the famous deadly virus also known as COVID-19.

Because of this, to refrain from closing their business and to continue the cycle of money within their operation, several companies are doing an online homebased work to still undergo business activity. They are also maximizing their abilities and grabbing the opportunity to use social media accounts so that they will also stay connected easily. Utilizing the best and reliable social network, such as WhatsApp to give out information that is not for public knowledge.

However, it has been such a challenge for these firms when it comes to sharing factoids. Most especially when it is about secured bank accounts and, of course, money. Given that, there are many frauds that are active during this pandemic due to multiple of establishments that are relying on online communication.

Nevertheless, WhatsApp MiFID continues to remind financial firms and banks to always monitor phone calls and capture voice call. Since there are many exploitive people and opportunists who will abuse other people’s hard work so that they can earn easy money. 

To spread awareness, TeleMessage has created and designed an infographic regarding on the latest regulatory efforts push for WhatsApp monitoring.

Continue reading below to learn more and prevent such dilemmas from happening: