Cheapest Travel Insurance in Singapore


Singapore has been successful not just because of its great maintenance in tourism and attractions but also because of the security the government provides for its visitors. Since millions of tourists visit the place annually, it is not unusual for people to experience unforeseen incidents that are related to travel and medicine; some experience flight and baggage delay and accidents from extreme outdoor sports. Thus, to provide the necessities of these people, the leading sectors have recommended institutions that offer travel insurance services like HL


Despite the competition for Best Travel Insurance Singapore, these establishments are still able to help people who are in need whether they may be traveling locally or internationally. Also, insurance providers differ accordingly to their respective plans and policies. Sometimes, they offer affordable packages that surely suit people who are in a tight budget. And to know more about them, here are some of the most affordable travel insurance providers in Singapore.

Direct Asia Insurance

Direct Asia Insurance is one of the cheapest travel insurance providers established in Singapore. They offer three plans namely DA500, DA200, and DA150. They also have a current promotion of 40% discounts for single trip plans and their insurance prices for a certain period of travel are all less than a hundred dollars.

For an overview, DA500 covers $500,000 worth of medical expenses, $1,500,000 for emergency medical evacuation, $500,000 for personal accident, $1,500 for travel delays, $15,000 for trip cancellation and $5,000 for baggage loss. On the other hand, DA200 has $200,000 for medical expenses, $1,500,000 for emergency medical evacuation, $300,000 personal accident, $1,000 travel delay, $10,000 trip cancellation, and $3,000 damage loss. And lastly, for DA500, this has $150,000 medical expenses, $1,500,000 emergency medical evacuation, $100,000 personal accident, $1,000 travel delay, $3,000 trip cancellation, and $1,000 baggage loss.

Comparing all the plans, it is evident that people would be able to avail of more accommodation despite only having to pay a budget-friendly price. This also assures tourists that no matter what happens during their travel, help will always be provided.

ETIQA Insurance

ETIQA is another business that has insurance and a cooperative system of reimbursement as its main focus. Developed by the Maybank, this uses a bancassurance model and provides several categories for insurance like the general, life, and travel insurance.

For their offered travel plans, they have 51% off promotions for the current single tip plans. Although some of their initial insurance prices reach a hundred dollars, they still got to cover a huge amount for various expenses. To be specific, their business plan covers a total of $2,900,000 for personal accidents, emergency medical evacuation, and medical expenses.

Meanwhile, a total of $20,800 are covered for baggage loss, cancellation of trip and travel delay. Another plan called economy covers $300,000 for the personal accidents, $1,500,000 for the emergency medical evacuation, $500,000 for the medical expenses, $10,500 for the travel delay and cancellation, and $3,000 for the loss of baggage. And for the basic plan, this has $1,900,000 for expenses related to medicine and $7,500 for expenses related to travel.

FWD Insurance

Created by Pacific Century Group, this insurance establishment focuses on the services regarding insurance primarily. Although this was just recently built last 2013, this still managed to grow and expand rapidly within the field of insurance. With the use of their innovative system for marketing, the company visions to establish new experiences for the clients with the help of their modern and digitally supported products that are easy to understand.

And in comparison to those previously mentioned providers, FWD has the cheapest insurance prices all differ depending on the client’s period.

And for the summary of their plans, FWD First promises to cover $1,000,000 for medical expenses, $300,000 for personal accident, $1,000 for travel delay, $15,000 for trip cancellation, and $7,500 for the baggage loss. For the FWD Business, this covers $500,000 medical expenses, $200,000 personal accident, $500 travel delay, $10,000 trip cancellation, and $5,000 baggage loss. And lastly, for the FWD Premium, this provides $200,000 for medical expenses, $100,000 for personal accident, $300 for travel delay, $7,500 for trip cancellation, and $3,000 for baggage loss. Also, all of these plans have unlimited coverage for emergency medical evacuation.


Travel insurance is a thing that ensures and protects a person from sudden financial losses that are commonly caused by unexpected incidents while traveling to international or domestic places. And since Singapore expects a big number of tourists visiting every year, the leading sectors have found a way to keep these people well protected.

Being listed as one of the Best Travel Insurance SingaporeHL Assurance and the other previously mentioned institutions are just an example of the most reliable travel insurance providers the city has. Together with their developing technology, this has added value to the increasing marketing, business, and tourism industry of the city.