Incredibly Useful CIS Payroll Tips For Small Businesses


One of the perennial issues in the construction field is payroll handling. It is now leading to the adoption of CIS payroll systems. The goal of this article is to put together various issues affecting small businesses in the construction industry.

What to check about CIS Payroll Company

  1. What does it cost to pay a CIS Payroll Company?
  2. CIS Payroll: Costs versus benefits
  3. What is the experience of your CIS Payroll Company?
  4. Who is liable for payroll mishaps
  5. Check CIS Payroll Company customer service.

What are some of the construction payroll issues?

  • Human error

Globally, humans are at the heart of every business decision-making process, and the risk of errors something that humanity will learn to accept. A tailored CIS payroll system should have streamlined inputs to avoid capturing hours worked and payment data wrongly.

  • Late submission of payments because of human errors

When errors occur, it influences employee payments in one way or another. Incorrect returns can sow seeds of mistrust and discontent between one contractor and the subcontract. A payroll for builders helps build a good rapport between contractors and the subcontractors.

  • Improper payment due to cash-flow problems

Contractors may fail to have relevant funds on hand to meet their projects’ financial obligations. A well-managed construction payroll provider greater visibility of cash flows and helps the business identify problems emanating from outgoing and incoming cash. The organization can have a clearer understanding of pending needs and the cost of goods needed to complete the project(s). A business can arrange to make all payments in time.

  • Losing a business reputation because of a human error

Incorrect payment is not only frustrating to the subcontractor. It damages relationships between the contractor and a sub-contractor. In the case of withholdings and balances, it needs redress. A CIS payroll company needs to introduce a system or process to lessen the possibility of human error.

  • Stay up to speed with legislation.

Ongoing training of the CIS payroll staff is paramount to keep abreast with the tax legislation. When an employee falls behind the new tax rules, the company risks non-compliance with the regulations.

  • Updating the CIS Payroll software

If a business outsources a CIS Payroll expert, there is no need to worry about the software update.

  • Backup data in case of an audit query

The stakes are high when dealing with HMRC. Why? The organization places the business under investigation if they suspect fraudulent deals. Records make it possible to provide proof of payments made. When a construction firm outsources a CIS payroll company, they take liability for legal issues.


If you have enrolled in the CIS scheme, it is vital to get some clarity. On the assumption that you frequently meet the issues discussed above, you need to consult CIS Payroll experts and move the business to safer hands.