Winbitx, a True and Reliable Trading Exchange


In today’s time, thousands of online trading exchanges have occupied the entire online trading space. Unfortunately, hardly a handful of exchanges live up to their investors’ expectations as well as their own claims. The most alarming situation is that the number of such exchanges is shrinking even further. People now spend thousands of hours and many resources after which they find a true and reliable exchange. You are lucky that you have landed on this page as my Winbitx review will demonstrate how the exchange is a legit as well as a profitable one.

Winbitx’s List of Trades

Winbitx believes in diversity no matter the aspect it covers within its online trading jurisdiction. Staying true to its claims, the exchange offers investors with six major trading assets that include cryptocurrencies, commodities, stocks, forex, and indices. These assets are the most demanded and profitable in the entire online trading industry. The investors can choose the one as per their preference and feasibility.

Winbitx’s Educational Center

Winbitx’s diversity goes a long way and apart from offering trade options, it also offers educational content within its educational center. The center provides detailed information around components such as glossary, ebooks, and help center. It also offers investors with interactional activities such as webinars, seminars, trading academy, and one-on-one trading. The exchange does it to boost confidence and empowerment within investors as they continue trading.

Winbitx’s Trading Tools

The next important list of components offered by Winbitx are the tools readied to back up investors while trading. These tools include live charts, asset index, analysis videos, market insights, alerts, risk management, and economic calendar. The investors can use such content to benefit from it and learn more about the online trading markets and trends.

Winbitx’s Trading Platforms

One major difference between Winbitx and majority of the trading exchanges is that Winbitx offers two trading platforms (MT5 & MT4) while others only offer one. This way, Winbitx manages to create diversity even when providing a trading platform. The trading platforms are known for offering some of the most reliable, secure, and top notch trading tools/services. Some of the major services it offers include trading signals, chat support, multi-lingual support, advanced reporting system, latest charts/graphs, and algo-trading, etc.

The trading platform is accessible to investors via their smartphones, their tablets, and their computers/macs.

Winbitx’s Trading Accounts

The trading accounts offered at Winbitx have been created after careful analysis of trading markets and trends. At present, there are seven trading accounts and each one of them offers services and challenges to a certain group of investors with different trading experiences. The minimum deposit required at Winbitx to start trading is $10,000 or €10,000.

Winbitx’s Security Infrastructure

Winbitx’s security infrastructure is based upon the SSL Security Protocol. This security system offers data encryption as well as peer-to-peer transaction channeling. The p2p channeling means transactions go directly from sender to receiver without going to any central body or intermediary. In case a hacker or unwanted entity ends up interfering with the transaction, the encryption is there to ensure it is unreadable.

Winbitx’s 24/6 Customer Support

The customer support at Winbitx is unmatched by support from any other service. It is proud of its customer support representatives as they are trained, experienced, friendly, and well versed in trading policies. They can offer investors much more than typical support on general queries as they also have basic knowledge around trades. So whenever investors have a query, they can contact them at chat, phone, or email from Monday to Saturday for assistance.

Regulatory Adherence is Extremely Important at Winbitx

For Winbitx, the most important and critical factor is regulatory adherence. This means that the exchange would always adhere to KYC and AML policies no matter the circumstances. If the law and regulators require it, then Winbitx will fully comply with it. This offers more support, backup, and a safe platform for investors to trade.

Don’t Hesitate, Try Trading For Once

I know that you have your doubts about doing online trades and trusting my words or any exchange’s claims at present. The online trading industry is full of risks and scams but there are real and legit exchanges on the internet. All one needs to do is have faith and start trading for the first time, and that is when you will understanding the meaning of trading.