How to Travel on Budget Using Your International Prepaid Card


Akin to groceries, utilities, and transportation, figuring out and setting a budget for your overseas travel is deemed a practical and wise move. This helps warrant that everything will go as seamlessly as possible when it comes to your spending even if you are outside the country.

The good news? You now have a great ally in international prepaid cards. Nowadays, most travelers never leave their homes without their international prepaid cards. This is not exactly surprising as international prepaid cards make withdrawal and purchase transactions easy even when you are overseas.

Moreover, with an international prepaid card, sticking to one’s budget has never been easier. If you want to use your international prepaid card to travel on a budget while outside the country, there are certain things that you need to take into consideration. Some of the things you need to keep in mind include:

Dedicating one card for various purposes

If you don’t have a travel budget yet, it is essential that you create one. Once you have figured out what you will be spending money on, it would be wise to delegate one prepaid card for each. Case in point: it would be a good idea to have one card that’s mainly for meals.

You can also have another card that’s primarily for fares and transport expenses and another card for shopping, etc. This setup can be very beneficial as your spending won’t overlap and you would be able to stick to the budget you have set aside for each expense.

Moreover, adhering to your budget is a lot easier since you can base your spending on the balance that’s available on the card. As soon as the balance has been depleted, you can take that as your cue to stop spending since you have consumed all the money you have allotted for that expense.

Use the card to withdraw money

Instead of doing manual currency exchange, you have the option to use your international prepaid card to withdraw money in the destination country’s currency. While you can be charged extra for the withdrawal, the charge is small compared to the costly rate imposed by many currency exchange firms.

This might not be common knowledge but dealing with currency exchange firms especially when you are overseas might also cost more in the long run as you might end up jeopardizing the budget you have identified.

Use card for accommodations and rentals

It is reassuring to know that many hotels, resorts, and other accommodations now accept online payments. Some merchants also give discounts when booking is done through their online partners rather than paying for cash. It is also wise to take advantage of those deals as you can also enjoy rebates and discounts as well.

International prepaid cards can also be used to book for staycation places or hotels that are within the budget you have identified. In addition, documenting your transactions is much easier when you use your international prepaid card. More importantly, you can also easily avoid impulsive spending.

Use the card for payment transactions

Aside from hotels and staycation accommodations, it would be wise to also use your international prepaid card for transactions such as purchasing tickets, etc. In addition, you can also use the card to pay for other transactions like bus tickets, train tickets, boat rides, and airline tickets.

Final Thoughts

When traveling outside the country for pleasure or business, it would be ideal to take your international prepaid card with you. Using your international prepaid card can also help ensure you are able to stay within your budget without any problems.