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As far as taxation and wage garnishment aspects are concerned, there are many important things that one needs to keep in track in order to get the best possible direction. There are some agencies that are specifically set up for this process and they take adequate steps and measures from time to time in order to keep everything on track. If an individual or business has not paid the tax properly or if it has some shortcomings and discrepancies in this area then the IRS would start off with its process to check and put penalty to the concerned party.


The FBAR is a part of FinCEN. FinCEN is nothing but the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. The FBAR also known as FinCEN Form 114 is covered under Title 31 of the Money and Finance, US code and not Title 26 of the Internal Revenue Code. The first and foremost goal of the FBAR is to decrease money laundering and other financial crimes by way of requiring certain ownership, co-ownership, or signature authority above foreign accounts for the purpose of reporting the account information to the US government each year on the annual FBAR which has nothing to do with the tax. It needs to be understood that the form needs to be filed alongside the time the taxpayer files tax return. One may need to file an FBAR even in case one does not have to file a tax return. It sets specific amount of penalty for violation of any reporting.

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