3 ways to enjoy your personal banking experience with a net banking app


The mobile banking portals of several private banks in India offer the best personal banking features to customers. The value-added features help the customers to operate their accounts at anytime from anywhere. They remove the limitations of geography and time. The users can use this platform to carry out banking activities from their mobile phone with the help of the Internet. 

The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app offers a wide range of personal banking services with which the customers can perform personal banking tasks from the comfort of their homes using a mobile app. The customers can get the best banking products and services for retail and corporate banking. The IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app offers financial and information services to customers. 

To get the mobile banking services, customers must download the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile app from the Play Store and install it on their smartphone. If you are the customer of IDFC FIRST bank, you can sign up with the mobile application, and open a free online savings bank account using the ‘Open savings account’ option. The online account requires you to provide some basic information and upload the digital copies of PAN Card and Aadhaar Card. 

With a bank account, you can enjoy the most advanced features on the IDFC FIRST Bank mobile banking app. They help you enjoy the following services for a distinctive personal banking fayetteville ga experience.

  1. Financial services 

Some personal banking activities you can carry out using the IDFC FIRST Bank on mobile services are:

  • Link all your bank accounts on the same platform
  • Transfer funds from one account to another within the bank
  • Transfer funds to third party accounts
  • Give online standing instructions facilities for periodical transfer 
  • Utility bill payments
  • Book online tickets for road, rail, and air travel
  • Pay insurance premiums 
  • Invest in different investment options 
  • Pay the credit card bills

You can carry out all these financial activities on a registered smart device such as a mobile phone and tablet. The services are available 24*7; hence you can do your banking activities anytime without visiting a branch. 

  1. Informational services 

The informational services offered to the customers by the bank are: 

  • Generate and get account statements
  • Track your account on a real-time basis
  • View RD and FD details and interest gained
  • Perform account balance check 
  • View TDS details
  • Get Form 16 A TDS certificate
  • Check payment status made by cheques
  • Track all your investments and current portfolio value
  • Know Debit card details
  • Get cheques books
  • Get PAN and nominee Update details
  • Register for Joined Flexi-frequency e-statements
  • Register for fixed deposit e-advice
  • Download Deposit Slip
  1. Security services 

All the transactions are carried out with utmost security and two-way verification features. Customer need a password to log on to the mobile app and verify the OTP. They must provide transaction passwords and OTP for secured transactions and payments, which are secured and powered by AI. 

The customers can enjoy other services such as updates, payment options, quick alerts, and commerce payments help from the customer service center. They can contact the customer service center anytime to get assistance with their queries.